July 20, 2008

Just Pictures!

Sweaters in July?

You're probably wondering why we would dress Madeline in sweaters during a Texas summer. These sweaters were knitted by two very special relatives. The cream sweater was made by Mary Ann's dear Aunt Lorraine. She made it for cousin Anthony. He is now 21 years old. This sweater was handed down to many cousins and now it's Maddie's turn.

You can see that Madeline started losing her patience with the second sweater. It was knitted by Mary Ann's late grandmother, Ivy. She was her mom's mom. She made this beautiful sweater for Mary Ann's niece, Danielle, who is now in her twenties.

When I think about all the love and work that went into making these sweaters it makes me feel so happy and special to have them for Maddie. I wonder who will get them next?

Madeline is now 14 1/2 lbs. and has outgrown most of her newborn clothes. She holds her head up on her
own but is a bit of a bobble head. Her newest discovery is her hand. She loves looking at her fingers and eating them.

She loves visual stimulization and we can clearly see the wonder in her eyes when we put a new toy in front of her. Madeline also loves to watch TV...ugh...strangely she really only likes to watch two things, Peep and baseball. Yes you read that correctly, if she is ever fussy or bored we can count on putting her in her swing in front of a baseball game and she gets.....fascinated....intrigued and generally glued to the action and suspense on major
league baseball.........odd but true.