December 27, 2009

Snow Day!

Well...Mom and Dad loved the snow. Apparently, she didn't find snowball fights amuzing.

I know my east coast and Canadian relatives will think this is rediculous...WE HAD SNOW in Texas!!!! We had about 6 inches of snow on Christmas Eve and got to play in the snow on Christmas day. Madeline was excited to go out and play in it until she slipped on the ice, got wet, and got hit by a snowball. Other than that, it was a blast!

Merry Main Street

Pointing to parachuting Santa

Merry Main Street in Frisco, TX

It was really cold, but we had a blast. Madeline got to see Santa parachute from an airplane with his elves.

Daddy and Maddie

They had trains, hot air balloons, Santa, sledding and much more, but Madeline preferred hanging out by the water fountain.

Day out with Mom

Such a big girl reading books at the library.

We had a great day. This was the day before our Christmas snow. It was a beautiful 70 something this day.

She looks so grown up here.

December 20, 2009


Madeline was upstairs in her playroom and I ran downstairs to throw the laundry in the dryer. Well...when I walked into the room, she pointed to the brown crayon marks that were ALL OVER the coffee table! I looked at her and said, "Did you write on the coffee table with the crayon?" She looked right at me, shook her head no, pointed to it and said, "DaDa" I said, "DaDa did that?" She nodded yes. Boy, is Chris in trouble! No more crayons for him!

December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Chris's baby sister, Susan, with her oldest, Jared

Joseph, Calvin, Zachary, Sarah and Madeline.

This was the strangest looking duck I've ever seen. It actually went face to face with her, but I didn't snap the photo on time.

Fun with Joshua.

Cute as a button! This is the youngest of the grandchildren, Jacob.

We had a great time, in Las Vegas, visiting Chris's family. It had been 3 years since we were all together and it was a great trip. Chris's sister Laura and 4 of her 5 boys, his sister Susan and her 2 girls and 4 boys and his brother, Clark, were all able to make it for Thanksgiving. Madeline loved her cousins and had a blast, despite having a stomach bug which almost everyone got except Chris and 2 of his nephews. Yuck!

We were really anxious about our first trip on a plane with her, but she did GREAT! It was smooth and easy. She was a little nervous then settled down and slept for the whole trip. On the ride back, she slept most of the time. When the plane landed she really wanted down to walk around and started crying and fussing. We joked that it would get people to move off the plane quicker.

I feel so lucky to have in-laws that I LOVE!!!! They are all down to earth, loving, and easy-going. Chris's parents are the best and his sisters are great moms with wonderful children. Madeline especially loved running around in the yard and jumping on the trampoline. We thought she'd be "into" the baby, but she was more interested in the older kids.

We had wonderful memories for our 2nd Thanksgiving as a family and can't wait to see enjoy the upcoming holiday fun!

October 25, 2009

18 Month. Dr. Visit

I didn't do it!

Chocolate cake on Dad's birthday. Yummmmmm!

Madeline is growing up way too fast! She is now a year and 1/2. Wow! She had her 18 month visit this week and the dr. said she looks great. She's still on the smaller side, but growing at a healthy rate. She weighs 23 pounds and is 32 inches tall. That puts her in the 30th percentile in weight and 60th percentile in height. The doctor said she's physically advanced but verbally delayed. He was concerned because she hasn't picked up new words since our last visit and wants her to go to a speech therapist. We're not sure how we feel about that. She understands everything and points to things. She also uses visual clues to get what she wants. I guess it doesn't hurt to get an evaluation. Everyone I know who had a child who didn't speak at the "right" time, turned out to be a late talker and nothing more. Time will tell.

October 22, 2009

OK quick video....this just makes us laugh

October 19, 2009

Great Day Out!

Where does the time go? It's so hard to believe that Madeline will be turning 18 months this week. Really? A year and a half? Wow!!!!! There is never a dull moment with Madeline around. She is such an attention grabber wherever we go whether it's a tantrum (unfortunately), a spontaneous dance, or a screech of happiness she turns heads. Maddie is going through the independence stage. She wants to do everything by herself...use a fork and spoon, get in her carseat, buckle herself up (with help), and run free. Every day is a new adventure and we wouldn't change it for the world. Look....a squirrel! Madeline discovered the squirrels in the trees and chased one into the bushes.

Look at that smile! Cute, cute, cute!!!!

Look Mom it's Dad!

July 30, 2009

Summer Pictues

Madeline's pool

Fun cooling off at the splash park. There are 2 free splash parks near our house.

So cute in her bathing suit. Wish she would leave her hat on.

Fun times at our community park

Typical reaction we get when we tell her "no".

More fun in Maddie's pool

Love my new zebra that mommy's friend Keleigh let us borrow

Daddy bought her the cutest rocking chair. She loves reading her books while sitting in it.

Climbing stairs is exhausting.

This is the basket Aunt Susan took a picture of me in when she was a few weeks old. I can't believe she used to curl up in this basket. Now she puts it on her head.