March 14, 2010

The Great Escape

Well...we thought we had more time, but I guess not. Chris put Madeline to bed for a nap and she went down easily, as usual. A few minutes later, he heard the stair gate shaking and thought it was me. Actually, it was Maddie. She climbed out of her crib! We asked her to show us how she did it and put her back in. She swings one leg over the side, pulls over, hangs down and lets go. Big girl bed is around the corner. Our baby is growing up too fast! Sigh!

Random fun!

Sock Hop!

Madeline had a blast at her first dance at Mommy's school. We had our annual Sock Hop and got her all dolled up to get her boogie on. She had fun looking at all the sites and sounds, but got a bit overwhelmed with all the attention. My students were so excited to see her and dance with her. This made her a bit nervous. She did warm up after a while and danced too.

Maddie's date, Kysun

Maddie and Mommy

Sooooo cute! A friend, at work, made the skirt.

She kept using the cotton candy as a pillow. That was my cue that it was time to go home. She had fun, but got overwhelmed quickly. My students kept wanting to play with her and take pictures of her, which made her nervous.