November 23, 2010

No Way!

It's that time of year! Christmas is in the air. This year is the most exciting yet because Maddie is finally starting to "get it". She has been asking lots of questions about all the decorations and Santa.

We have been telling her about Santa and his reindeer. It's been fun talking about Santa coming down the chimney and watching her face. She had a look like... What? The chimney? That doesn't make sense!

I asked her if she wanted to see Santa and she responded, "NO WAY!" We told her that she has to tell him what she wants for Christmas and she said, "No, I won't. " So we showed her some Youtube videos of kids visiting Santa and she changed her mind. So, we asked her what she was going to ask him for. Her response... "All of it."

We got all dolled up to see Santa and Madeline was really excited. When we got there, she couldn't wait to see him. There was no line so I thought, this is perfect. She asked me to pick her up. We walked up to him and she clung to me and started crying. I sat next to Santa while holding her and she tried to escape like her life depended on it. Maybe next year!