May 26, 2008

Wow! Madeline is Five Weeks Old!

It's hard to believe that Madeline is five weeks old today. She is about 11 pounds now. We love her chubbly rolls on her arms and legs. Too cute. It has been an incredible five weeks! Watching her grow and develop has been amazing. Every new thing she does makes us so excited and happy. We never thought that burping and pooping would bring such excitement to us.
Of course, to us, she's brilliant and advanced. Well...she is!!!!

Madeline is so loved. We have had so many visitors excited to see her and hold her. They fall in love with her instantly. Chris's sister Susan, her husband Ryan and son Joshua were the first to visit. They came all the way from California to meet Madeline. Susan had so much advice to give because she has done this 5 times. They have 5 beautiful, happy children and are the most patient and loving parents. Aunt Susan had fun taking hundreds of photos of Madeline. She slept through most of them! The photos were so cute!

The teachers at my school were all excited to see her as well. They gave a beautiful shower for Maddie. It was her first party! She slept through the whole thing. The teachers passed her around and ooooed and awwwwed! We got so many wonderful gifts and seeing the joy on everyone's faces, as they looked at her was priceless.

My sister, Chris, came all the way from Ontario, Canada to meet Madeline and help out. She stayed for 12 days and really got to see her change a lot during her stay. Aunt Chris painted her nursery and taught me how to paint. We chose a calm green color that is in her bedding set. It turned out great! Aunt Chris has some great advice too. She showed me to put the arms in before the feet when dressing her and introduced us to Gripe Water. Thanks Aunt Chris

We've noticed a lot of growth in Madeline the past 2 weeks. She has rolled over several times. People don't believe us, but she really has! We stretched her out, flat on the ground and she still pulled up and rolled from her stomach to her back. We've learned not to leave her on the bed unsupervised. She is a mover! She is starting to make some new sounds too. She "talks" the most, when she is under her jungle play yard. It's like she's talking to the creatures. Last week, we started to notice a few social smiles. She smiled at Grandpa Walker, Daddy, and our good friend, Renee. Before then, she'd smile in her sleep or when we stroked her head. She is too precious. She loves her Baby Einstein music. Well, most of it. She absolutely hates Shubert's Symphony Number 8. Every single time we have played it she curls her brow, frails her arms out and gets very angry. It is hilarious.

Maddie has spent a lot of time with Nanny and Grandpa Walker. They adore her and can't spend enough time with her. My dad could stare at her for hours. He just smiles and says over and over "She's beautiful" He's in awe of her. My mom said she caught him laying on the floor looking at her. Mind you, he's 75 and their flooring is wood. My mom has been an amazing help. She loves taking care of Madeline and gives advice without taking over. She is so patient with her and seems to get her to calm down quckly. I'm so lucky to have my parents so close. They are the best!

The past week has been challenging. Madeline has had some colic and we're trying to get to the bottom of what is bothering her. We won't accept colic as an answer. We know something is bothering her. Her pediatrician told us to change her formula. It's actually worse! Now she has the same screaming, arching, and vomiting with diarehea. We now think that it's either an allergy to milk or GER (Gastric Reflux: heartburn) She seems to hurt when she eats and spits up. The nurse says babies are happy spitters. She's not!!!!!! We're taking her in this week and hope to get to the bottom of it so we could help her feel better.

That wraps up our first 5 weeks. Month 2 is suppose to bring more smiles, rolling, babbling, and the wonderful world of cradle cap. Can't wait!!!! ( for those who don't know that's dry scaly scalp, like dandruff)

Helping mom blog.

At this time, in my early infancy, I have a very limited vocabulary, thus my blog posts will consist of several very visually stimulating pictures, but not a whole lot of witty journaling banter. As my writing skills improve (and when Mom and Dad have more time) you can expect much more journaling to go along with the inspiring pictures of yours truly......Maddie

I had to insist mom allow my input for which pictures would make the cut.

Lounging around

Nothing better than napping in a tropical paradise.

Just love Mom and Dad's bed!

Milk drunk

This is my Grandma Walker.She wants me to call her Nanny. She keeps calling mom and dad and asking if she can babysit. I love going to her house because she has a HUGE kitty named Timmy that likes to sniff my head. My grandpa Walker........I think he must be really sad about something.......eveytime he holds me he cries when he looks at me.
After I drink A LOT of formula....I get a little milk drunk and throw my head back like I'm about to pass out......Mom and Dad think it's funny.
Baby bath towel equipped with head cover.......or Bullwinkle the moose impersonation.
Nap time

1st month's visitors

My Auntie Susan, Uncle Ryan and cousin Joshua came to meet me a few weeks ago. Susan helped set up my blog. She was great.

This is my cousin Joshua. Isn't he cute? He's always smiling. My Aunt Christine came to visit about a week later and helped paint my new room. Thank you Aunt Christine!!! It looks perfect!

Aunt Christine says I'm advanced. She witnessed me rolling over at 3 weeks old (I was just showing off)

Mom's friends Valarie and Karsun came to see me recently. Karsun loved holding me. I thought Karsun was really cute.

May 10, 2008



Mom's friend Jaymie got me this stylish little bikini for pool time.....Dad says it's my first......and last bikini.

Bath and a nap

Yes.....I still hate bath time

Madeline's umbilical cord finally fell off and she was able to have her first real bath. She was not happy about it. She hates sponge baths and hates real baths even more. She does, however, LOVE to have her hair washed. When we put her head under the tap she leans all the way back and has the look of extreme pleasure on her face. Too cute!

Hurry up Daddy!

I like napping in my bouncy chair!
Wow, what are those things hanging down?

That bath wore me out!


I think I might be teething!! What do you think?

A week older....still cute as can be!

Mom and Dad decided to take pictures of me with my ugly doll,
Moxy, so everyone can see how much I'm growing.

Mom insists that I'm smiling already. What do you think?

May 3, 2008

OK Be honest.........Does this diaper make my butt look big???

Check the killer tutu!

Please note!.....I can pretty much fit and sleep anywhere at this age!