September 13, 2008

Lot's of changes in Maddie

We've seen so much growth in Madeline during her 5th month. She is rolling all over the place, standing with help, sitting with help, and grabbing everything in sight. Her smiles are constant, now that we've changed her formula and she is beginning to laugh too. She loves her exersaucer because she has more freedom to move and grab at her toys. She's definately an active baby and always alert.

She is doing great with her cereal. She gets 2 tablespoons, twice a day. She seems to like the change. Next week, we will be starting her on veggies. Yipppeee!!! Can't wait to see how she responds to them. We had more trouble with her formula. The dr. put her on Alimentum which is a hypoallergenic formula and she stopped crying and seemed really happy. We decided to try Soy because the new formula stunk so bad. That did not go over too well. We noticed an immediate negative reaction to the soy. So...we're back to the stinky expensive stuff. She's happier and feeling better and that's really all that matters.

The best part of this month is all the talking. She is making so many new sounds. It's the cutest thing! It's funny because it seems like she "says" different things to Chris than me. She talks to everything...the cat, toys, t.v., her reflection. Too cute!!!

This is the quilt that Aunt Laura made me. It's sooo cute!

Hey! I know I'm growing out of my clothes, but this is rediculous!

This is the lake by our house. We like to go feed the ducks when it's not 100 degrees.

This is my favorite toy. I love my exersaucer, especially the animal sounds.

I figured out how to punch it to make the sounds.

Busy Month!

Chris takes the stand with sleeping MadelineAunt Hughena bought Madeline this pretty dress for her hearing. She looked so cute in it.Aunt Georgina, Aunt Hughena and MadelineSorry we haven't posted for so long. It has been an especially busy time for us. I am back to work teaching 3rd grade and have been learning how to juggle motherhood and teaching. It's been quite busy and stressful, at times, but we're learning how to balance it all. Thanks to my wonderful parents, Madeline doesn't have to go to daycare. They are taking great care of her and are loving every (well..almost every) minute of it. I'm so lucky to have their help and knowing she's being cared for by her grandparents makes it easier. I also have an amazing class this year. They are the sweetest group of kids.

In addition to starting back to work we also traveled to Missouri. I had to miss the 2nd week of school to appear in court for Madeline's hearing. It was exciting and nerve wracking to be there. Everything went really well even though I was really nervous to take the stand. I broke down crying when my lawyer asked me if I had bonded with Madeline. At that moment, she put her head on Chris's shoulder and fell asleep. The love I felt for her just filled my heart and I lost it. I think I got everyone crying. My Aunt Hughena and Uncle Pat went with us and so did my Aunt Georgina who was visiting from Canada. Having them there with us helped ease our nerves.

Madeline did not love the 12 hour car trip. She was pretty bored and wanted out of her seat. As soon as we stopped and took her out she was the happiest baby ever. When we buckled her in, she'd cry until she fell asleep. Her Baby Einstein CD helped for a while, but not for long. Needless to say, we were all happy to be home.

Now we are back to normal and getting back on our routine and should be back on track with the blogging....for now.