July 30, 2009

Summer Pictues

Madeline's pool

Fun cooling off at the splash park. There are 2 free splash parks near our house.

So cute in her bathing suit. Wish she would leave her hat on.

Fun times at our community park

Typical reaction we get when we tell her "no".

More fun in Maddie's pool

Love my new zebra that mommy's friend Keleigh let us borrow

Daddy bought her the cutest rocking chair. She loves reading her books while sitting in it.

Climbing stairs is exhausting.

This is the basket Aunt Susan took a picture of me in when she was a few weeks old. I can't believe she used to curl up in this basket. Now she puts it on her head.

15 Month Check-up

Our little girl is growing up way too fast. I wish we could stop time! There are little things that I miss like holding the bottle (now she uses a sippy cup) and rocking her to sleep (she prefers to go straight to her crib) . On the other hand, tt's so exciting to watch her experience new things and to watch her grow and develop. Madeline had her 15 month dr. visit. He said she looks great and is developmentally doing really well. She is in the 25th percentile for weight and 30th for height. He said she is developmentally advanced (we knew that) in all areas except for talking, which she is on target. She's way ahead physically (we knew that too)

New favorites:
Music-Sesame Street's Greatest Hits
Song- Elmo's World and Sing a Song
Books-Leap Frog audio books
Activities: anything with water, dancing, Elmo, "coloring", bouncy balls, pushing grocery carts and strollers.
Milestones: holding crayon and scribbling, going down slides on her own, zippers,
using a spoon (messy though), going down stairs, following multi-step directions