September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

After 2 busy, exhausting weeks of school, I am thrilled to have a 3 day weekend with my family. The weather couldn't be any better, so we decided to go to the zoo again. The last time we went to the Fort Worth zoo was last fall. That was not the best trip. Madeline was in a mood that day. However, today was wonderful.

The best thing about the zoo this time was that Madeline is starting to actually notice the animals. In the past, it was all about the rocks, trees, and water. Well...she's still focusing on the water, but now she likes certain animals too.

Her favorites were the wambats and giraffe. She's still obsessed with giraffes right now and carries her stuffed one everywhere with her, included to bed at night.


Madeline was revisited by the speech therapist. Actually, there were three. When she was 18 months, they said give it time and she didn't qualify. This time, at 28 months, they looked at each other with surprised faces and said they have never seen a child speak that way. Hmmm? Should we be worried? She seems to drop the first consonant and take the ending sound and put it on the beginning of the word. (i.e. gog, tat, kark for dog, cat park)

So, Maddie has qualified for speech for atypical articulation and will be visited by a speech therapist every week. She loves it so far. It's mostly play time and fun for her.

Our first homework assignment was practicing saying her name in the mirror. Unfortunately, I messed things up. I was trying to emphasize the L sound and told her to stick out her tongue to say Line in Madeline. Now she says her entire name with her tongue sticking out. Good grief!