June 30, 2010

Summer Fun!

What a great summer! We've been having a blast swimming, going to splash parks, and having fun in the sun. Madeline's already getting more tan than mommy. Okay, that's not hard to do, but it is so cute to see her with a tan line. No burns yet, mommy makes sure to pack on the sunblock.

We always start with a hat, but it gets pulled off within minutes. Auntie Chris bought her this Dora hat. She tolerates this one more than others, since it has Dora on it.

Madeline discovered the pleasure of getting others soaked. She got Nanna wet and laughed her head off!

We've been having so much fun together this summer. I love being home with Maddie and I'm so thankful to have the whole summer off. Madeline loves being outside and would go out all day if it were up to her. The Texas heat keeps us indoors most of the day, but we try to get out in the morning and early evening.

June 17, 2010

Talking...Sort of !

Madeline has been talking a lot lately. Well...only Chris and I can understand her, but nonetheless, she's talking.

I just put her down for her nap and she's in her crib talking away to her bunny. It sounds like she's telling Bunny about all the pictures on the wall because I can hear her say, "Mommy, Daddy, baby, numnums (food) and "guggug" (ladybug) .

In between the chatting she is humming and singing, which is a constant with her. Music is definitely important to Madeline. She is always singing something or asking for music to be turned on. She loves to break out her dance moves in the middle of the store too. The bigger the audience the better! It's really funny when she's in the mall. When she goes past a store with techno music playing she gets down with her bad self. I think we should carry a tip cup with us.

Things Maddie says...

Oh, man! ooze on (shoes are on)

No waaaay!! wawa ark mow (water park now?)

No mommy (her favorite) Awwwwww! (this is when she doesn't get her least favorite

Me moo (means let me do it myself) Mow numnums! (feed the cat)

Wawawaaaaa! (when something doesn't go well) Bubba dease (milk please)