November 24, 2010

Holiday Photos

We had Madeline's Christmas photos done today. She was definately on and loved everything about it... the dress, fancy shoes, the camera, all the props... She was a total ham and made the photographer laugh through the entire session. She said Maddie's a character and had so much personality. When we went back to check out the pictures, the lady at the front said the photographer couldn't stop talking about Madeline and what fun she had with her.

The link (could only put it in the labels for post section) is just a little glimpse of some of the photos in a short video. Luckily, they didn't include any that we chose so we can send them out for Christmas too.

November 23, 2010

No Way!

It's that time of year! Christmas is in the air. This year is the most exciting yet because Maddie is finally starting to "get it". She has been asking lots of questions about all the decorations and Santa.

We have been telling her about Santa and his reindeer. It's been fun talking about Santa coming down the chimney and watching her face. She had a look like... What? The chimney? That doesn't make sense!

I asked her if she wanted to see Santa and she responded, "NO WAY!" We told her that she has to tell him what she wants for Christmas and she said, "No, I won't. " So we showed her some Youtube videos of kids visiting Santa and she changed her mind. So, we asked her what she was going to ask him for. Her response... "All of it."

We got all dolled up to see Santa and Madeline was really excited. When we got there, she couldn't wait to see him. There was no line so I thought, this is perfect. She asked me to pick her up. We walked up to him and she clung to me and started crying. I sat next to Santa while holding her and she tried to escape like her life depended on it. Maybe next year!

November 21, 2010

Random Fall Photos

Hugging Daddy

Halloween-Madeline had a blast. She loved trick-or-treating and even started going to the doors on her own, while we waited at the end of the walkway. All went well until she rang the bell and I man in a werewolf costume jumped out and scared her. She shivered all over and said "Trick or Treat????" Total question in her voice. He gave her candy and she said, "Thank you?" again question in her voice. Then she turned around and looked at Chris and under her breath said, "Wow!"

These silly glasses were in her bag of goodies. Better than candy! She was really into the chocolate, especially M&M's.

Sliding down the slide.

Ice-cream! Yum! Of course, chocolate.

Fall 2010

This is Madeline's forced smile.

I want this one!

Well...maybe this one!

Okay....I want the baby one.

No... I want this one!

Last time we tried to capture this photo, she was 6 months old

and ate the hay then cried. We all had more fun this time.

Wow! Pumpkins everywhere!

Notice the dimple on her chin.

We had a great family day at the Dallas Arboretum. The weather was perfect and the views were beautiful. Maddie loved all the pumpkins and even picked one out to bring home. We tried to encourage her to get a large one, but she really wanted the "baby one" as she called it.