January 15, 2011

More winter fun

Maddie getting ready to see Santa and a puppet show. She never sat on Santa's lap this year. We tried several times. It got to the point where she would say, "I no like Santa Claus" or "No, I not"
Maybe next year!

Madeline is waitng patiently for the puppet show to begin.

Goofing Around

Madeline loves playing dress up. What little girl doesn't, right? On this particular day, she was in rare form and we had a blast just being silly and having fun. She will not wear the green wig though. I guess she's smarter than me, after seeing my picture.

Apparently, we spent too much time playing by the look of the mess in the house. lol

Maddie's new favorite thing to do is perform for the video camera. She learned many Christmas songs this year. This is her singing her favorite one.

Holiday Fun!

We had a blast this winter! It was so much fun watching Madeline enjoy the excitement of the holidays. Maddie's favorite thing was the lights. It was so cute when we went by a house with Christmas lights. She would say, "Look, Christmas lights. Merry Christmas!"

In awe over the snow globe that Dolores sent her.

Merry Main Street was a lot of fun. Of course she loved the lights and enjoyed the horse carriage, reindeer, balloon light show, and Santa. Her favorite part was the elementary school choir. It was neat to see some past students perform.

Visiting Santa's reindeer.

Aunt Laura came to visit. Madeline adores her and still talks about her, especially when we see an airplane. She points to it and asks if Aunt Laura is on that plane. Then she says, "I love Aunt Laura. She's very nice." So cute! We went to Grapevine and Laura, Maddie, and I decorated gingerbread men. I think she has a future in decorating cookies and cakes! Well...maybe not. She spent more time licking the frosting than decorating.

Daddy and Maddie at the Ice show. It was soooooo cold! We were NOT dressed properly and practically ran through it to avoid frost bite.