April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Our baby girl is now 2!!!! It is so hard to believe!

This year has flown by. What an amazing adventure it has been watching her grow. I feel so blessed to be her mom and am so thankful for every moment with her.

What I've learned about Madeline...
-she is sweet and loving and sensitive
-she has no fear
-she is very persistant
-she has a great sense of humor
-she is very smart and has a great memory
-she is very independent
-she loves the outdoors, especially bugs
-she loves Dora, Elmo, The Wiggles, and LadyBugs
-loves to dance and loves the Black Eyed Peas (go figure)

Year 2 has been a BLAST! Can't wait to see what year 3 brings.

Age 2 Milestones:
*runs, jumps, climbs(even the big kid stuff)
*walks up stairs standing up, without holding on
*eats with folk and spoon (when she's not throwing her food...ugh)
*drinks from a sippy cup, straw and water bottle; drinks from a cup with help
*draws with crayons and pens (on the sofa and wall once)
*can get out of crib, but has learned to call us instead
*washes hands and brushes teeth

*words: Mama, daddy, nana, poppa, ella (Bella) , deeeeeee (please), me, mine,
mo(no), wowow (shower and flower) , wellbo (elbow), melmo (Elmo), ahhhhhhh (yes), tongue smacking (duck), blowing lips(boy), wawa (water), bubba (milk) , oos (juice), hi, bye, owie, booboo, guggug(bug), Bobawa(Barbara), wowa(Dora), gugga(Wiggles), meow sound(cat), barking sound(dog), pp(up),

xoxoxo B.O. L.L and N.C. D.C