May 23, 2010

Our baby has turned into a toddler! When did that happen?

Kyson's birthday party.

Daddy came home with a swimming pool. It was perfect timing because it was 90 degrees this afternoon. I think she may have enjoyed it! She had a blast and couldn't stop laughing and yelling "nun, nun, nun" which we later figured was fun, fun, fun.

More fun in the water.

Having a tea party. This is Madeline's favorite indoor activity. She loves giving daddy tea. He has to sit in the same spot and always says it's too hot so she can blow on it.


No fear! She went right up with the big kids on everything. She loves adventure.

Opening birthday presents

She started out perfect, close straightened. It took 10 minutes to get to this point.

Maddie had a blast at her 2nd birthday party. We went to Pump It Up and had some friends and family there with us. Aunt Christine even came from Ottawa. Balloons are so much fun!

Birthday guests: Matthew, Cameron, Claire, Maddie, Myles, Zoe

Nanna and Poppa Walker