July 19, 2010

Animal Park

We went to Okalahoma to visit the animal park. It was a drive through park where the animals come up to the car for food. We were able to feed ostrich, camel, zebra, giraffe and many more animals. Madeline had a great time!

Daddy and Maddie checking out the sights.

We let her pick out whatever she wanted at the gift shop. She was REALLY into the giraffes (affs) and wanted a stuffed one. However, there were 4 different options. It was funny watching her try to negotiate getting them all with Daddy. When he said just one she said 3. Again, NO! Maddie's response was to hand me one and hand Chris one and she held one. She's smart. She did have one giraffe. She never noticed us put the others back and you can tell from the picture she was thrilled. She has slept with him every night since.

This is Chris feeding an animal through the car window. Maddie loved this and then got scared. Okay, maybe it was my screaming and panicing that did it. They are so aggressive!

Feeding Ducks!

One of our favorite things to do is to walk to the lake to feed the ducks. I feel like we actually know the ducks personally. These pictures were taken at our neighborhood lake.

Maddie often taunts the ducks by eating the bread instead of giving it to them.

Maddie decided to take her stroller, that Leanne gave her, on the walk. She had the duck food in the basket.

She learned not to let go of the stroller when going downhill!

"WaWa Ark"

We are so lucky to have 3 splash parks near our home. This is definately Madeline's favorite summer activity. It's so fun to watch her have so much fun! She loves running around with the other kids too. I'm really proud of how well she shares her toys. She brought a bucket, tea kettle and a truck and the kids kept asking if they could play with them and she would share nicely with them...most of the time!

She was actually attempting to squirt me!

Nanna and Poppa

The picture below is when Madeline tackled Poppa from behind and knocked him to the floor. He didn't see her coming. He laughed his head off. Okay...we all did!

Nanna and Poppa came over for dinner. Madeline always has a blast when they're around. I think she keeps them energetic too!

Tickling Poppa!

Hanging Around!

These are some random around the house pictures. Maddie's hair is getting so long!

This is her forced smile.

Blueberry face! Her favorite fruits are raspberries and frozen blueberries.

Having fun is so exhausting!


Dallas Aquarium!

Snack time...grapes are yummy.

Look Daddy!

Okay...almost time to go home. This is when she started getting out of control. She wanted to do what she wanted to do, when she wanted to do it. How dare we try to keep her from jumping into the water with the alligator!

Madeline was not in the mood for this picture. Mommy is still smiling though!