January 17, 2009


It was the day after Christmas and we were lounging around the house enjoying the day off. Then we heard the weather report. It was going be a beautiful sunny day! We thought we couldn't waste such nice weather to the zoo we went. This was Madeline's first zoo trip and it was a fantastic day. It was in the low 80's, sunny with a slight breeze. We enjoyed the walk and Maddie enjoyed all the sights and the ride in the stroller. The day couldn't have been better!

Here's the monkey looking at the monkeys!

This picture cracks me up. Even the gorilla is looking the same direction (not sure what we were looking at but I think it was a screaming 8 year old).

She liked walking around the fake alligator. She probably would have walked up to a real one too. She doesn't seem to have much fear, unless it's a new person. People can be scary!

We took a break from looking at the giraffes to smile for the camera.

This was her favorite part of the day. An otter kept swimming by and she would get so excited that she would gasp and look at us. She could have stayed there all day!


Good thing there was glass between Maddie and the black bear! Again, she would have walked right up to it if she could. It was neat to get that close to the animals. We were able to go right up to the window to see a mountain lion too!

She loved the aquarium. Can't wait to watch Finding Nemo with her some day!

The flamingos were the first animal we saw at the zoo. She started off a bit confused about where we were. She wasn't very interested in the birds.

1st Christmas

Before opening Christmas presents, it is important to stretch. Here you can see Madeline in her stretching routine, so she doesn't pull a muscle during the gift exchange.

Grandma and Grandpa spent Christmas with us. They sure spoiled Madeline!

Madeline turned out to be a present opening expert! (problem was that she was more interested in the wrapping.....couldn't care less about what was in it)

She just LOVES Bella, our Siamese cat, but Bella is slightly less excited to see Madeline. She has been affraid of Maddie since she had her fur pulled a few times. Every time Bella walks within view of Madeline, she lets out a loud shrill sound of excitement and then crawls straight for her. Bella then sprints into another room.

Aren't I cute in my new Christmas hat?